Welcome to APM Birth Center

Located in a former Parsonage House, APM is a peaceful, comfortable home-like setting where you and your family can make yourselves at home.  You will enjoy a private room for giving birth, wear your own clothing, take a warm bath and eat when you feel hungry.  Our staff will work with you before the big today to create a plan of care which meets your individual needs and desires and empowers you in your own care.

A "freestanding" birth center is not affiliated with any hospital. It is a home like setting where safe maternity care is provided to low-risk women.

Gathering Spaces

We think a birth center should feel homey so you and your family can relax and settle in. Our spacious center has two areas for gathering and meeting.  

When you first enter the birthing center, you'll find a large receiving area with couches and comfortable chairs. Childbirth classes are often in this area. Your guests can relax by the fireplace and watch cable TV, or snuggle up with a cozy quilt and take a midnight nap while they are waiting for your little one to arrive.  

The family room is a warm, cozy space with oversized sofas and a play area for the children. We use this area for the first half of prenatal visits as it provides the perfect place to sit and chat. During late-night births, Grandparents often curl up on a sofa for quick naps.  

We try to use as many non-toxic and 'green' products as possible. For instance, immediate cleaning of the birth tub is done with tea tree oil and rose oil solutions - we leave the sanitation process until after our families leave. We diffuse pure essential oils and are a latex-free facility;  using nitrile gloves and other non-latex products!


The Kitchen is adjacent to the family room. It has a dining nook looking out to our backyard, refrigerator for any food you may bring, stove, microwave, blender, coffee, espresso and tea pots, ice-maker and dishwasher. It is stocked with dishes, glasses, flatware, cookware and many other useful amenities. Your family can make a pot of coffee or tea, prepare snacks or even cook an after birth feast. During the winter months our lemon and orange trees provide an abundance of fruit for juicing. We want you and your family to feel at home.

Exam Room

We start out prenatal visits in a private sitting area with couches, chairs, ottoman, nursing pillows, and toys for the little ones.  Here we can sit comfortably and talk about how you are doing and answer any questions you might have.  For the second half of the prenatal visit we go to our bright and airy exam room.  Families love the life-like fetal models showing the size of your womb-baby.  A lending library is available with books ranging from pregnancy to birth to breastfeeding.