Welcome to Ancient Path Midwifery

Giving birth is one of the most intimate and memorable experiences in a woman’s lifetime.  You’ll always remember the sound of that first cry as your baby is born. You will cherish the first time you felt the tiny hand grasp your finger and nuzzled your baby’s velvety head and looked into each others eyes. The birth of your child is an experience unlike any other and shouldn’t be rushed or unnecessarily clinical.  This is why choosing your provider and the place where you will give birth is such an important decision.  At APM, we value the human aspect of birth and know that you don’t have to sacrifice the special moments or safety to have the birth of your dreams!

We believe that pregnancy, birth and mothering are integral parts of a woman’s life and should be honored, celebrated and protected.  All of our protocols and practices are evidence-based and designed to keep you as low-risk as possible and to maintain and protect the normal physiological processes.  Client’s preferences and needs are considered and your active participation in care and decision making is encouraged.

COVID19, Coronavirus

The clients and providers of Ancient Path Midwifery have understandable concerns about the implications of SARS-CoV2/COVID-19 for their health and safety. Our primary concern is to protect those who have entrusted themselves and their babies to our care, as well as to ensure the safety of our APM team. In doing so, our goal is to not only protect the APM community, but also limit the potential strain on our local healthcare system.

With the health department and state's current guidelines, we have altered our ways of doing business to keep compliant while still maintaining the personal touch.  We continue to review all the questions, symptoms, diet, education and informed consent an have that midwifery time to chat.  

Due to the size of our prenatal rooms, 1 guest can join you and mask are still required in the facility for visits.  

Our weekly in person tours are done as a group and to comply with social distancing one guest may join you and mask are required as well. 

As soon as guidelines for healthcare facilities and mask are updated we will update our families. 

At this time if YOU or your family members have a cough, runny nose,  shortness of breath, fever, or diarrhea, or believe you could have been exposed to COVID-19 please do not come to the birth center for clinical visits, or births. If you are a client of APM and are feeling ill or believe you have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus please call the birth center and ask to speak to a midwife.

Thank you for your continued trust in our model of care.