Nursing Students

Ancient Paths Midwifery is proud to partner with Concorde Career College in San Bernardino as an approved training site for the LVN students.  Part of our mission statement is to provide  educational opportunities for midwifery and nursing students.  Where better to get OB training than a birth center with Midwives?  We also strive to provide nursing students with care than differs from the standard medical care so are hoping to have nurses who are more compassionate, listen better and respect patient autonomy.  

LVN Students

The very last module of nursing school includes both Maternal & Child Health Nursing Care along with Leadership and NCLEX Review and Practice (the nursing board exams).  The LVN students we have working with us are not beginners, they are nearly finished with their nursing training and we've found them to be very qualified.   

Our clients (we don't call you patients, you're not sick!) spend the first portion of their appointments with the nursing students who will do vitals, urine dips, labs and basic questions.  After this portion the Midwife spends the second half of the visit talking, checking out the baby and making a plan for your care until the next visit.  It makes for nice teamwork!