Ahava Birth Suite

Vintage decor with a European feel, the birth suite is for the romantic at heart.  Shades of gray, pale pinks and silver accent the beautiful bed and cozy seating area. The focal point is the beautiful clawfoot tub that invites you to relax and provides a secluded place to give birth. Timeless, airy and romantic with all the same amenities as the Bella Vie including CD/I-Pod player, birth ball, birthing stool, an abundance of pillows and mini fridge. There's even USB ports in the bedside table.  The birth center captures the loving essence of home and honors the emotional intimacy of birth in ways not seen in more traditional settings.  

At Christmas this room embraces the spirit of the joy of the season.  There's something so sweet about a baby being born under twinkling lights.

Upon returning from a life-changing trip to Israel and signing the lease for the new birth center, Lori choose to name this space the Ahava Suite.  The root word of ahava is "ahav." The term ahav in Hebrew means, "to give." True ahava, true love, is more concerned about giving than receiving.  It sums up the essence of what we want to do for our families here at APM.