Birth is a healthy, normal process to be embraced and cherished in a personalized, nurturing, caring environment with low-interventionist ways. We know that giving birth is a spiritual, joyous and life-affirming moment! To experience it in privacy and peace allows you and your family to participate in the wonder and mystery of it, making it all the more extraordinary.

Birth Options

You'll be pleasantly surprised to discover how many options you do have when you birth with us! You get to choose the location that is best for you and your family (home or birth center), who you'd like to support and celebrate with you and utilize labor-enhancing measures such as water, walking, massage, and aromatherapy. You wear what you like, eat if your hungry, sing, dance, move - it's YOUR birth! We'll provide you with an informed consent packet to choose such things as the Vitamin K injection or eye treatment for your baby as well as a Birth Choice Worksheet. This is similar to a birth plan but includes all the things that will help us make your birth special.  We don't have one specific "way" we do birth because things unfold in their own way and each family makes individualized choices.  Some Mothers love to catch their own babies, other have Daddy catch, and some choose to have the midwives do it. Some Daddy's want to cut the cord, others don't.  Some cut the cord once the placenta is delivered while others choose to delay until later.  These are just a few of the things we help you think about before the birth.

Through the time spent during prenatal visits, you will become familiar with both the midwifery staff and the facility, which feels more like a nice bed & breakfast than a hospital. The women you see during your prenatal appointments are the ones who will be at your birth.  All our practices, including privacy, quiet, low-lighting and minimal interventions, are geared to promote the physiological processes of birth.  You won’t have to fight to get the things you want or worry that we’ll do things you don’t want.  No hassles - just loving support of the midwives to guide you through the process.

Birth Center

Birth in our ‘home’ and let us not only pamper you but do the preparation and clean-up too! We’ll light the candles and turn on the music and fill up the tub.  There are no towels and sheets to wash or tub to prepare; we do it all for you! 

APM also includes ALL of your birth supplies so when you come you don't need to bring things like diapers or wipes.  You'll go home with a goodie bag including your peri bottle and pads.  

Home Birth

Families can choose to give birth in their own home, rather than ours (at the birth center). We provide a birth tub with liner and a sump pump for your use.  We also include an expanded birth kit with all the necessary birth supplies* right down to the placenta bowl!  We’ll bring our portable birth center with the midwifery tools of the trade (doppler, newborn exam and other supplies not in your birth kit, emergency equipment, etc.) when we come to the birth. 

There’s nothing sweeter than leaving a new family tucked into their own bed.

Because APM is a busy practice, we limit the number of homebirths to three per month and have a limited service area. Contact us to find out if we service your area.

*Homebirth clients provide some non-medical supplies such as towels, diapers, sheets, thermometer, hose to fill the tubs, etc.  

Water Birth

Women have been finding comfort in water since the beginning of time. Warm water envelops the body creating a weightless feeling and diminishes the sensation of the contractions.

As the body relaxes, adrenaline levels are lowered and endorphins are released. These hormonal painkillers reduce stress and lessen pain, allowing both physical and mental relaxation. Most women find their ability to concentrate is improved, allowing them to focus inward on the birth process. This promotes the progression of labor, making it easier, shorter and even enjoyable.

The relief from the warm water is so good that it is worth bearing in mind that it can be used as pain relief even if you don't want or plan to have a water birth.

Birth Package

Birth Packages include the following:

Comprehensive prenatal care with nutritional counseling, risk screening and evaluation

Informed Consent and Birth Planning

Complete newborn assessment

Breastfeeding Support

Foot printing, placenta art and keepsake birth certificate

Six weeks of postpartum care for mother and baby

Financial Information

If you'd like to talk to someone about the financial aspect of midwifery care, please call 909.464.0974 Monday through Thursday and speak with our staff

We are eager to work out a payment plan and help you with information on billing your insurance or setting up automatic payments. 

Insurance Billing

If you have PPO insurance, you can utilize the services of  our billing service which can do an initial verification and then once your baby is born, we will provide them with an itemization of the services we provided so they can bill the insurance company for you. We are not contracted with any third-party payers at this time which means that you pay our prepaid package fees and your insurer will reimburse you.

Only families with insurance pay for this service which is one of the ways we can keep our overall prices lower. Most PPO insurance will reimburse at the out-of-network rates and we’ve had a few instances of them paying the in-network rate (due to a network gap).

Our insurance billing service will work hard to help you get the maximum reimbursement from your insurance company.

Payment Plans

Before your first appointment we encourage you to speak with our office about setting up your payment plan. The first payment/deposit is required at the initial visit and then monthly through the 37th week of pregnancy. Payments can be made by cash, check, visa, mastercard, debit and HSA account cards (Health Savings Account).    APM is PCI compliant!