It's a Virtual World!

One of the amazing things we've learned through this quarantine is that the essence of midwifery care - the being 'with women' is still possible even when we can't do all of our in-person visits the same way.  

We've learned how to do the bulk of our prenatal visits on - because so much of prenatal care is in the talking, the Q&A, the time spent getting to know one another.  It's been fun to SEE our clients in their own home settings as we do this part of the appointment.  

Consults have been virtual; answering emails and making contact remotely from our homes.  Potential clients can watch our done-on-the-fly video tour and do a live Zoom meeting with the midwives to discuss your care and options.  

We've even started an online birth community with our clients.  Via Zoom we're having a weekly Community Meeting.  In the beginning it was a way to get information on COVID and the continuously changing guidelines out to our clients.  But things stabilized and it became a fun way to keep connected.  Mom's who have birthed get to share their birth stories, we talk about all things pregnancy and birth and the women are getting to know each other in ways we've never experienced before.  

Virtual Hypnobirthing Class

Hypnobirthing instructor Lynne Gavin Nelson is beginning a virtual Hypnobirthing class beginning on Wednesday, April 15th at 6:00 pm.  The 5 week class is Midwife recommended and will prepare couples for birth in any setting.  

Couples birthing in the Hospital setting will especially benefit from the techniques as they prepare for possibly laboring alone during the quarantine.  Many of the larger local hospitals are not allowing partners in until the pushing stage.  Hypnobirthing can be done together or alone and would work great for a couple needing to support each other virtually.  

Education is Lynne's passion and she is excited to help you during this most precious season in your lives!  Call her at 909-730-7184 to register.